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Hailing from  suburb of Washington DC, USA, Rom Heavven sharing his passion for music that began as a hobby since 1994.

He started following drum and bass genre in the early 1990s at the time when this music emerged from the UK Warehouse/Rave scene.

His first mixtapes experiments around 1995-1996 were influenced by a wide variety of music ranging from soul and funk to hardcore and trance.




What started as an obsession for radio has turned into regular radio shows on the premier online radio destination for electronic music fans around the world broadcasting to millions of listeners around the globe.


First episode of ‘DNB show" was aired in February 2010 which later became "Concrete Jungle NYC" a regular show on drum and bass channel along with "Concrete Chill"


“GLOBAL HITMIX” a radio show originally aired on in 2010 later as a special Mixcloud sessions available only on

July 2010 the launch of radio show “NYC Liquid Dreams” on the brand new Digitally Imported Liquid Drum and Bass Radio Channel. 


2010-2013 Program Director on drum and bass channel.


June 2017 re-launch of the "Liquid Dreams" radio show on channel featuring the best new releases of drum and bass music as well as all time classic favorites in the genre.





 "Amazing"  September 26,2019.

"U Got This" October 11, 2019.

"On The Beach" November 8, 2019

"Eternal Love" February 15, 2020

"Dance Now" March 15, 2020 

"Be Famous" April 03, 2020

"Fridge On The Beach" July 15, 2020

"Have Fun" October 20, 2020

"Move It" January 14, 2021

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